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Deanne Hall - Registered Practitioner Jin Shin Jyutsu®, Aura-Soma® & Counselling Deanne combines the colour magic and fragrance of Aura-Soma® with the gentle harmonising power of Jin Shin Jyutsu® Experience healing in peace.

"Deanne creates a wonderfully healing atmosphere when using both the modalities of Aura-Soma and Jin Shin Jyutsu. They complement each other beautifully and have given me a real sense of connecting with the divine self with all its healing capacities." - Paula Feather, Mount Eden, NZ

"The mood of wakeful peace that accompanies Deanne as she works is itself therapeutic. She has helped me restore the balance of health on several occasions, involving both acute and chronic issues. Her ability to bring Aura-Soma and Jin Shin Jyutsu together in therapeutic practice is tremendously effective as I have experienced it." - Kevin Coffey, Titirangi, NZ

"During the last two years, Deanne has, through her skills in Jin Shin Jyutsu and Aura-Soma, brought me relief in ways both mental and physical. She has released and channeled energy, making it possible for me to solve problems for myself. In the physical area, her techniques have given me relief from the pain of arthritis, and I have also increased mobility and improved joint function." Gratefully - Mary Ferguson, Wellington

"Thank you Deanne for the experience of the Jin Shin Jyutsu treatments. The circulation of warmth in my body and general relaxation have improved at both physical and soul levels. The treatments also helped with improving my sleep." - Ita Bay, Germany

"Deanne's dynamic use of Jin Shin Jyutsu and colour therapy, combined with her warmly perceptive, intuitive approach, have helped me to regain and maintain my sense of well-being. I recommend her for a wide range of health issues." - Mani Barr, Grey Lynn, NZ

"My recent experience of Deanne's healing gifts through the Aura Soma and Jin Shin Jyutsu modalities has been transformational. From feeling empty, scared and utterly depleted emotionally, psychologically, physically and spiritually, with Deanne's healing gifts, I experienced waves of healing and colourful energy flooding into my body, soul, psyche and aura. This experience of fullness, wholeness and coming alive has stayed with me and has enabled me to be present to myself and to the world. Nga mihi mahana, nga mihi aroha ki a koe e te kaiwhakaora." - Leah Whiu, Raglan, NZ

"On the day of the Tsunami, my mother died in my arms. She had died in her 85th year, so it was not like she hadn't had a good innings. But strangely, like an orphaned child, I found myself bereft and yearning for her presence. I don't believe we had unfinished business, at least not between us two. Still, my world felt in collapse. The centre did not hold.

Fortuitously, life took my child-self by the hand and deposited me, like a changeling, on the doorstep of Deanne's wondrous "room of her own" where she practices her quiet, utterly resolved and utterly benign gifts on the psyche and soma.

I have experienced profound moments of exquisite peace within this realm and each time I enter it, I feel the radiance and nuanced permutations of the colour and perfume of the natural world. It is difficult to articulate, but I feel that I am safe again to enter the universal maternal embrace, without rancour.

Not surprisingly, I would not hesitate to recommend this highly gifted and intuitive conduit to healing and resolve." - Rachel Power, Mount Eden, Auckland, NZ